About Us

Custom Leather Canada Limited is the largest, and one of the oldest leather accessory and belt manufacturers in Canada.  The company began producing consumer leather products in 1949 and has been in continuous operation since that time.  We operate out of a 70,000 sq. foot state of the art manufacturing facility in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

The company wholesales goods under a number of product lines. Our main business involves the manufacture and import of Men's and Women's belts, which we ship to our customers throughout Canada and the United States. Our belts are sold under our own brands, our customers' private labels, as well as Silver Jeans Co, Bosca, Vince Camuto, Totes®, and other brands under license. 

Our customers include all avenues of retail, including major department stores, specialty stores, as well as independent men's and ladies wear stores.  We also manufacture and distribute a wide variety of small leather goods and accessories. 

Our Grizzly Fitness division markets a line of fitness accessories including weightlifting belts, straps, and gloves under the Grizzly Fitness brand. These products are sold to major sporting goods stores, fitness supply retailers, and gyms throughout North America. The entire line can be found at www.grizzlyfitness.com.

We manufacture an extensive line of leather guitar straps, and also distribute hunting accessories in North America under our own brands, our customers’ private label brands, as well as the Winchester and Ruger brands under license. The entire line can be found at www.grizzlyhunting.ca 

We welcome all inquiries for future business development where we can leverage our domestic manufacturing capabilities, to deliver high quality products offering exceptional service and flexibility.

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