Employee and Visitor Daily COVID-19 Screening Questions

 As required by the Ontario Government, Custom Leather requires all people entering our facility to answer the following questions:

1.     Do you have any of the following new or worsening symptoms or signs?  Symptoms should not be chronic or related to other known causes or conditions.

Fever or Chills

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

Cough or barking cough (croup)

Sore throat, trouble swallowing

Runny nose/stuffy nose or nasal congestion

Decrease or loss of smell or taste

Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain

Not feeling well, headache, extreme tiredness, sore muscles

Falling down often (for older people)

 (Note: If a person got a COVID 19 vaccine in the last 48 hrs. and is experiencing a mild headache, fatigue, muscle aches, and or joint pain that only began after vaccination select “No”)

2.     Have you  travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days?

3.      In the last 14 days, has a public health unit identified you as a close contact of someone who currently has COVID-19?

4.      Has a doctor, health care provider or public health unit told you that you should currently be isolating (staying at home)?

5.       In the last 14 days, have you received a COVID Alert exposure notification on your cell? If you already went for a test and got a negative test result select “No”.

 6.      Is anyone you live with currently experiencing any new COVID-19 symptoms and/or waiting for test results after experiencing symptoms?

 Results of Screening Questions:

  • If you answer NO to all questions from 1 through 5, text PASS in response to today’s text and you may enter the workplace.
  • If you answer YES to any questions from 1 through 5, text FAIL and you are not to enter the workplace (including any outdoor, or partially outdoor, area of work. You will be asked to go home to self-isolate immediately and contact HR or your supervisor.